Essential Magic Conference Videos


Simply Bloom (2010 members only)

Simply Bloom, by Gaetan Bloom

Aces to Kings (2010 members only)

Performance by Helder Guimaraes

Magic On Television - Panel of Discussion (2010 members only)

Magic On Television with Cyril Takayama, David Britland, Luis de Matos and Max Maven, moderated by Marco Tempest

EMC 2010 Highlights

EMC 2010, the world’s first internet conference for magic and magicians.

Max Maven's Res-Cue (Explanation) (2010 members only)

In Session 3 of the Essential Magic Conference Max Maven performed a previously unpublished effect of his entitled Res-Cue. Here, for the first time, is his explanation of this impossible discovery of two selected cards.

Helder Guimarães - Portugal

The son of a magician, Helder Guimarães gave his first magic show at the age of three (making chocolates appear at kindergarten) and went on to become World Champion of Card Magic at the FISM convention in 2006. Here he talks about practice, his favourite routine and the constant companion that is magic.

Cyril Takayama - Tokyo

Cyril Takayama is one of the most famous magicians in the world. His spectacular television specials have made him a household name in Japan. Viral videos of his highly original take on street magic have made him one of the most popular magicians on the internet. In this interview he talks about the challenges and opportunities in performing magic for stage, television and the web.

Marco Tempest – Open Source Magic

Techno-Illusionist Marco Tempest blends digital media and magic to bring audiences a glimpse of the future before technology gets there. His imaginative combination of magic and computer-generated imagery is unequalled within the performing arts. Here he talks about his passion for magic, illusion and technology.

Mac King - Las Vegas

The The Mac King Comedy Magic Show is now in its tenth year at Harrah’s in Las Vegas. Recognised as one of the leading comedy magicians in the world, Mac talks about his inspirations, the secrets of comedy magic, how to connect with your audience and the pure joy of performance.

Paul Draper - Mentalist

Paul Draper specialises in mysteries of the mind. He studied anthropology at university and lectured on communication. Now he blends his knowledge of human behaviour with magic to create a brand of mystery entertainment that has taken him all over the world.

Jules Fisher - Lighting Designer (2010 members only)

Jules Fisher is one of the world’s leading theatrical lighting designers. For 50 years his award winning lighting designs have been seen in musicals, plays, concerts and movies. Magic has been a lifelong interest and here he talks about how magicians can use lighting to enhance their performances and bring about moments of wonder.

David Kaye - Children's Entertainer (2010 members only)

David Kaye is better known to his audiences as 'Silly Billy.' He is a magician and balloon modeller based in New York. Here he talks about the challenges and delights of working magic for children and reveals some of the professional secrets that made him one of the most acclaimed children’s entertainers in America.