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Everything We've Learned So Far (2010 members only)

Everything We've Learned So Far, by Barry and Stuart

Ton Onasaka - Tokyo

Ton Onasaka is the proprietor of Magic Land, a shop in Tokyo specialising in magic for magicians. Ton Onasaka is the creator of many original magic effects. For many years he has played a unique role as a cultural ambassador making possible many exchanges of ideas and information between magicians in the west and Japan.

EMC 2012 Sneak Peek

EMC 2012 Live Sneak Peek

William Kalush - The History of Mystery

William Kalush is a lifelong student of sleight of hand and the history of magic. He is the co-author, with Larry Sloman, of The Secret Life of Houdini. Here he introduces us to the Conjuring Arts Research Center in New York, an institute dedicated to research and the preservation of the history of conjuring, illusion and associated arts.

Stan Allen - Publisher Magic Magazine

Stan Allen is the editor of Magic Magazine. He talks about his early influences in magic, his career as a professional entertainer and how he later found his niche as the publisher of one of the world’s leading conjuring journals.

Ava Do - Mentalist

Ava Do is a professional magician with a special interest in psychology, con artistry and psychic deception. With Apollo Robbins she developed and performs a truly remarkable and baffling two person telepathy act. Ava talks about our fascination for con artists and the secret pleasure that audiences have in being deceived.

Card Magic (2010 members only)

Card Magic, by Dani DaOrtiz

EMC2012 Highlights

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Q&A and Museum Tour (2011 members only)

Q&A and Museum Tour by David Copperfield

Gaetan Bloom (2010 members only)


EMC 2011 Highlights

EMC 2011: A look at the second Essential Magic Conference

Gaetan Bloom (2011 members only)