Essential Magic Conference Videos


Lance Burton - Master Magician

Lance Burton is one of the world’s most famous magicians. He graduated from being an award winning sleight of hand artist to headlining his own full evening illusion show in Las Vegas. Here he talks about his inspirations, magic and the real secret to becoming a great performer.

Ava Do - Mentalist

Ava Do is a professional magician with a special interest in psychology, con artistry and psychic deception. With Apollo Robbins she developed and performs a truly remarkable and baffling two person telepathy act. Ava talks about our fascination for con artists and the secret pleasure that audiences have in being deceived.

J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning - Illusionists

J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning are Singapore’s most famous illusionists. They share their views on magic, illusions, skill and teamwork. And how Ning feels about being called ‘the sexiest woman in magic.’

Scott Hitchcock - Skills and Rapport

Scott is a professional magician now living in Las Vegas. Known for the diversity of his work he talks about the importance of developing a broad range of skills and cultivating that all important rapport with the audience.

Matthew Holtzclaw - Experiencing the Mysterious

With a background in theatre, professional magician Matthew Holtzclaw frequently acts as a magic consultant to theatre and film productions. Currently he just finished work on a Broadway revival of Finian's Rainbow and a stage project directed by Teller called Play Dead.

Ryan Oakes - Creating a Moment of Wonder

Ryan Oakes has travelled the world with his magic. He considers it a privilege to entertain audiences and bring them that moment of wonder only magic can create. Here he talks about his career and inspirations.

EMC in 60 seconds

The Essential Magic Conference is the world’s first web conference for magicians. 33 speakers over 3 days of conference streamed live worldwide.

Asi Wind - Making every show count

Asi Wind is a professional magician in New York. His close-up skills and inventive approach to magic have made him one of the best in the business. Asi talks about his first experience of magic and how he keeps that moment of astonishment in mind every time he gives a performance.

Roger Quan - More than a Magic Shop

Magic shops have a special place in the history of magic. Roger Quan, owner of Rogue Magic and Fun Shop in Elmhurst, New York, reveals the part his store plays in inspiring the new generation of magicians and the role magic shops can play in the local community.

Jonathan Bayme - CEO of Theory 11

Inspired by David Copperfield and mentored by Chris Kenner, Jonathan Bayme has established an enviable reputation as a performer, creator and CEO of Theory11 an online business devoted to promoting and sharing the very best in contemporary close-up magic and making it available via the internet.

Steve Cohen - Making a Vision come true

Steve Cohen is the presenter of the exclusive Chamber Magic show at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Inspired by Hofzinser and Robert-Houdin he has brought the art of parlor magic to a new generation of audiences. Here he reveals some of the secrets of his success.

William Kalush - The History of Mystery

William Kalush is a lifelong student of sleight of hand and the history of magic. He is the co-author, with Larry Sloman, of The Secret Life of Houdini. Here he introduces us to the Conjuring Arts Research Center in New York, an institute dedicated to research and the preservation of the history of conjuring, illusion and associated arts.