Max Maven's Res-Cue (Explanation)

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Emc_0016_layer_15thumb "It is a thing of terrifying beauty"... Hahaha. Max is simply brilliant.
Marco Tempest, almost 9 years ago
Mint-chocolate-chip-icthumb Agree.
Rise Alise, almost 9 years ago
779072924_aaron185thumb i check everyday for new stuff!
aaron coyle, almost 9 years ago
Captura_de_ecr%c3%a3_2012-07-30__%c3%a0s_14.50.37thumb Max is a Genius!!!
Luís Miguel Gomes Sirgado, almost 9 years ago
Lyleswordthumb You know, I've been to Scotland.... Haha. Epic. I love it,.
Lyle Borders, almost 9 years ago
Jerrysredthumb In the performence, Max gets Stuart to choose the first card
Blake, almost 9 years ago
Mark_s_facebook_picthumb Thank you so much for sharing. Love to watch Max perform.
Mark Bartman, almost 9 years ago
Flyingthumb I agree, the Gilbreath principle is a thing of terrifying beauty. I had always hoped it would remain one of magic's super secrets, or become forgotten. I learned from Chadwick and have been using some of my own ideas for a long time now. It's unreal how truly miraculous you can make mentalism with this type of effect.
Sean Beard, almost 9 years ago
Asbjoern_berthelsenthumb I really loved the joke at the end - about the two girls that Max once dated.... :-D
Ásbjørn Berthelsen, almost 9 years ago
Scan0003thumb Max that was awesome. What a powerful tool. Thanks for sharing that with us. See you at the castle
ryan ready, almost 9 years ago
Avatarthumb Mr, Maven, you're awesome.
Rui Guerreiro, almost 9 years ago
Sam_0689thumb That's Sneaky Clever! I love it!
Antony Keith, almost 9 years ago
20110820-nnm2m7q6uba4k8f1ds7h6itwqxthumb Great effect!
Aaron Jones, almost 9 years ago
Img_0465thumb Gilbreath is the bomb.
Jayden Redden, almost 9 years ago
15741_198091227874_699862874_3212853_179043_nthumb Wow i loved every bit of it haha
Cesar Mosqueda, almost 9 years ago
2397451325_3f17bd831b_mthumb lovely :)
Nik Taylor, almost 9 years ago
Imagesthumb Haha the end there was so awkward.
Evan Bishop, almost 9 years ago
Luigimarsouthparkthumb Speechless... Simply Brilliant. THANKS MAX!!!
Luis Espino, almost 9 years ago
Germanothumb Very clever!!! Thanks Max for sharing!!!
Nicolas Germano, almost 9 years ago
Eddythumb very smooth max.
EDDY POLANCO, almost 9 years ago
Ammarthumb The Gilbreath principle is amazing. I'm shocked you released this one honestly :-)

It's a fantastic routine and SO beautiful because of how hands off it is.
Shawn, almost 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb If anyone's interested in the original (Mental Rescue) it's in the Jinx #55 & Theodore Annemann's "Practical Mental Effects"
Dylan Reid, almost 9 years ago
Mkthumb Same question I had before - when is Max going to run for President? Great work.
Mike Kmiec, almost 9 years ago
062010142638thumb Brilliant!!
Kevin Anderson, almost 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb If you don't know Si Stebbins - or have your own system, this can also be done with the old Eight Kings set up. Viz: 8 K 3 10 2 7 95 Q 4 1 6 Jack along with CHASED; Used these in many an effect for decades.

"eight kings threatened to save ninetyfive ladies for one sick knave." Club-Heart-Spade-Diamond

Chan Canaster in the 1960's took this rhyme around the world with his divinations, He was going great with two impossible predictions of two cards - then with just those two known, I named the third. Made a superb ending, just with 8K, thus saying to all magicians - don't give me away.

You can also gag "it's a cherry -coloured card ? ". Nope -" there's black cherries too ! "

In the above effect you need only recall 8-K-3-10-2 & C-H-S-D

Danny Varney
DANNY VARNEY, almost 9 years ago
Michel_photo_cvthumb Very good application of Gilbreath principle ! Thanks Max.
Corlier Michel, almost 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb The joke at the end was so awesome :D
Chi-An James Chen, over 8 years ago
I.e.magic2thumb Can you guys post a link to the performance of this trick?

That way we will be able to see without having to waste time trying to find it during the conference!
P1070473thumb very good i love
NOUIRA, over 8 years ago
Luigimarsouthparkthumb JUST got my DVD set HERE IN MEXICO (March 17), THANKS EMC!!!
Luis Espino, over 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Guys I could not stop laughing on the BEAUTIFUL principle used in this effect!
Thank you sooooooo much Max for giving us another piece of miracle material for our audience.
The method anables you to concentrate totaly on the presentation! Brilliant
Tariq Alexander Waheed, about 8 years ago
N1537715421_322595_6221414thumb I never get tired of Max's voice, and way of speaking. Very Elegant.
Ryan C. Reed, about 8 years ago
Magi2_tnthumb Is the performance still available here somewhere? Can't find it.
Stefan Eriksson, almost 8 years ago
0327thumb This does not work if someone does a haphazard riffle shuffle. I don't care what Max Maven says!
Arthur Martello, about 6 years ago
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In Session 3 of the Essential Magic Conference Max Maven performed a previously unpublished effect of his entitled Res-Cue. Here, for the first time, is his explanation of this impossible discovery of two selected cards.

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Orson Welles wrote that Max Maven has "the most original mind in magic." He has performed in every kind of venue, consulted for most of the top names in magic, and published over two thousand articles, tricks and essays. Now, he is very tired. Read full bio »