EMC 2012 LIVE Session 9

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%e5%a6%99%e5%a6%99logothumb It works now:)
WU CHUAN HSIANG, about 7 years ago
I.e.magic2thumb I saw most of what I missed yesterday, but it is working just fine for me.

I am using Chrome running on a Windows 7 with no problems whatsoever.

Good luck guys.
Captura_de_ecr%c3%a3_2012-07-30__%c3%a0s_14.50.37thumb The videos are working fine to me!
Luís Miguel Gomes Sirgado, about 7 years ago
Img_0857thumb Gaetan's performance was top notch! Funny, amazing, exciting, and artistic! I could watch it over and over!
Andy Whiteley, about 7 years ago
Matthew%20field%203thumb Superb! Thanks to all.
Matthew Field, about 7 years ago
Getattachmentthumb excelente excelente todeos muy bien esperaba que Eric Mead enseñara algo de lo mucho que sabe , esperaqba tambien ver en accion al gran paqul harris se ve un poco enfermo en fin me gusto mucho todo muchas gracias por organizar este a Marco , Luis Y David Turandof un abrazo a todos
Turandof, about 7 years ago
Marvello__edit_05a_200x300pixelsthumb An astounding effort no rush they are on line for a very long time as aconfernce legacy and whenever there is an issue I come back later and it is always fixed - everything is working from New Zealand
Excellent - great fun
Tara Okan , about 7 years ago
I.e.magic2thumb So what exactly does
"Phase one completed
Phase two begins"
Are they opening the possibility to another year? Mr. Berglas is right. We need another year. And another. And another. There are SO MANY magicians we still need to learn from:
Mac King, Levent, Lance Burton, Penn Gillette, Criss Angel, Juan Tamariz, Dani Garcia, Joshua Jay, Tony Clark, Shawn Farquar, Callen Morelli, Kevin James, Jim Steimeyer, Simon Lovell, The Great Tomsoni, Fantasio, Aldo and Rachel Colombini, Jason Latimer, Hans Clock, James Randi, Jay Sankey, Michael Ammar, Richard Kaufman, David Stone, Gregory Willson, Paul Wilson, Tabary, John Cornelius, just to name a few.
Pleae, EMC2013!
Emc_logothumb Dear EMC Member

The Sessions posted here are the complete Sessions. We monitor streaming quality but if for any reason you spot a problem with the sessions do please get in touch with us at info@essentialmagicconference.com

In the coming months we will edit the Sessions into individual Talks and Performances, for easier access. You will have online access to all the videos until July 2013.

In due course we will begin work on the DVDs which will be mailed to everyone free of charge so that you have access to EMC forever!

Thank you. The EMC Team.
EMC Team, about 7 years ago
Roslyn_walker_avatarthumb I love Gaetan's trick in this session. For me it was worth the price of the whole conference. Oh to be THAT funny and still produce amazing magic.
Roslyn Walker, almost 7 years ago
Gigolothumb Me too! I was so afraid that Gaetan would get a heard-attack : He did not! Finally I could appreciate the use of the famous intercessor. By the way : who invented it ? ;-)

Gaetan forever!

Thanks to you all, because of you I feel now a little less stupid.

Love ! Otto
Otto Wessely, almost 7 years ago
N529801237_1358939_1211thumb when will we be getting the videos?
JD Richard, over 6 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Hi. Does´nt Dani DaOrtiz say, that he will (in some kind of a way) explain his ACAAN routine?
August Vinther Thomsen, over 6 years ago
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