EMC 2012 LIVE Session 7

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Dwynthumb I have had no problems playing any of the videos. Using Chrome.
Craig Alan, about 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb The solution is to wait just a few moments, refresh the page, and click again. You'll notice it loading in the background even under the error message - the center circle is spinning. Just wait. :)
Matt Adams, about 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Does anyone know if the magic square routine that Richard Wiseman did is a released effect?
Jason Murphy, about 7 years ago
Emc_logothumb Dear EMC Member

The Sessions posted here are the complete Sessions. We monitor streaming quality but if for any reason you spot a problem with the sessions do please get in touch with us at info@essentialmagicconference.com

In the coming months we will edit the Sessions into individual Talks and Performances, for easier access. You will have online access to all the videos until July 2013.

In due course we will begin work on the DVDs which will be mailed to everyone free of charge so that you have access to EMC forever!

Thank you. The EMC Team.
EMC Team, about 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Some segments really need to be given more time. For example, the Paul Harris interview.
Trevor Foltz, about 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Couldn't agree more with Trevor Foltz, Paul's session is way too short considering there are so many things they can discuss with him. And although Paul's speech style is a bit slow (esp. with EMC's tight schedule), I really enjoy listening to him.
Fung, about 7 years ago
Gigolothumb O my God, this was a lot of talking and talking and philosophy and talking again. And then came Steve Cohen : He was so sincère, so generous, and so emotional, (specially when it came to Hofzinser). His "3 rules" are a gift to everybody who wants to perform otherwise than doing magic for boring functions and trade-shows, and other ugly product-related tricks. Steve Cohen you made my day !
Otto Wessely, almost 7 years ago
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EMC 2012 LIVE Session 7