EMC 2012 LIVE Session 5

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Default-avatar-thumb Williamson's story was great!
Nicolas Miguez, about 7 years ago
Steve_card_magic_3thumb Yea, fantastic talk, touching story, thanks David
Stephen Truglia, about 7 years ago
Square_avatar_300x300_pixelsthumb Where will Graham Jolley's crib shet be posted?
Scott Wells, about 7 years ago
Roslyn_walker_avatarthumb I really enjoyed David Williamson's talk, it was very moving. Also loved Gaeton's talk. Fantastic as ever.
Roslyn Walker, about 7 years ago
Mjf%2054thumb did Max maven explain his card trick?
on any other sessions
Michael J Fitch, about 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb ^Michael it will be uploaded separately soon.
stuart pullen, about 7 years ago
487185_205225579597916_205217686265372_323295_2013876162_nthumb Where will Graham Jolley's crib shet be posted?
Luigi Boscia, about 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb David Williamson stole the show during that session. Great story!
Mario Orsini, about 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Did I miss it or did Graham Jolley not explain how you know what word to put on the paper??
Jamie McCormick, about 7 years ago
Boxersthumb Williamson's talk was the shit.
Nathan Kranzo, about 7 years ago
I.e.magic2thumb Belting. Because just palming is so yesterday. LOL. JK. Great.
Bmitz%20kids%202thumb wow David, Thank you for sharing. I like you even more
Mike Kirschner, about 7 years ago
300_by_200_pixthumb David brilliant! Hope you are on the Disney cruise when we go in October.
Default-avatar-thumb Tina's speech is very inspiring, and I liked how she referred to Steve Jobs, since he is a great inspiration to me.
Fung, about 7 years ago
Emc_logothumb Dear EMC Member

The Sessions posted here are the complete Sessions. We monitor streaming quality but if for any reason you spot a problem with the sessions do please get in touch with us at info@essentialmagicconference.com

In the coming months we will edit the Sessions into individual Talks and Performances, for easier access. You will have online access to all the videos until July 2013.

In due course we will begin work on the DVDs which will be mailed to everyone free of charge so that you have access to EMC forever!

Thank you. The EMC Team.
EMC Team, about 7 years ago
Gigolothumb Daviiiiiiiid ! Your comments about Goshman and the others, specially Wacky the clown went straight to the heard !! N
ot one single minute of boredom. And all this in front of the others watching more their computerscreen than listening to you. You didn't even try to be funny..... it was so human. Thanks !
Otto Wessely, almost 8 years ago
Gigolothumb Gaetan : After the intercessor-history please prepare "the history of the thumb-tip" (invented by S.M.) ;-)
Otto Wessely, almost 8 years ago
0825111239thumb Daves talk definitely hit home. Jolly only mention that the WORD was on the front page, but where? It seemed as if he really did not want to expose the secret. Overall I was bummed out when Luis stated this would be the last EMC. I am certain it is a crazy amount of work and if it is money, I am sure many members would be more than happy to pay 2-3 x's as much for this service. How many convention attendees get home after 4 days and cant remember 1/2 the stuff they saw/heard let alone the extra cost of the hotel & meals.
Jim Fitzsimmons, almost 8 years ago
Asbjoern_berthelsenthumb Is it the top left corner he's forcing?
(GrahamJolley the cont down newspaper predictin)
Ásbjørn Berthelsen, almost 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Where can I find Max Maven's explanation and the crib sheet for Graham Jolley's trick?
Andrew Symes, almost 7 years ago
Emc_logothumb @Andrew Symes
Thank you so much for your comment. Both will be available via the DVDs that will be sent to all EMC2012 members. Please make sure your postal address is updated on your profile.

Thanks! The EMC Team.
EMC Team, almost 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb I didn't know that there were some tricks that were not revealed in EMC
Still EMC is a very good conference. I've learned a lot.
jaehwan, over 6 years ago
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