EMC 2012 LIVE Session 2

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Luigimarsouthparkthumb Great Session!! Thanks EMC!
Luis Espino, about 7 years ago
Coconutthumb Armando's points about secrets are solid...modern magic does lack any sense of a rite of passage, in which the uninitiated works to become initiated. Initiation can come in many forms, but it should still require some serious effort on the part of the student. How much more might we respect our magic if more teachers shared his perspective? Just a thought.
Pj Pinsonnault, about 7 years ago
Christinevierathumb i adore those historical pieces.
always feels like a door to a new world is opening.
and i admire those who take us with them on the trip.
christine viera, about 7 years ago
Ray_disk_avatarthumb If magic is about entertaining others, then how hard or easy young people have it today is irrelevant. We old timers (read my first magic book in 1955) need to befriend these young people and show them ee value them and that good presentation comes with hard work.
Ray H Thompson, about 7 years ago
N1099574569_2744thumb Doctor Who music during Tom Stone performance. Very good choice.
Yann SICAMOIS, about 7 years ago
Mike_kingthumb I LOVED Steve Cohen's lecture.., I find the studying the history of our art as interesting as learning a new trick

Mike King, about 7 years ago
Img_0361thumb love tom stone routine!!!
stefan sageman, about 7 years ago
Reduced_methumb Joyous. Graham is performing in my show in Sheffield on October 28th. Just saying.
Steven Faulkner, about 7 years ago
Mike_kingthumb This panel discussion on secrets was so awesome.
Mike King, about 7 years ago
I.e.magic2thumb Is the "David" in minute 17:06 by any chance David Blaine. I cannot see very well, but I do not think it is any of the other Davids in the room and he looks a lot (from the brief second you can see him) like David Blaine... Not to mention his name is David.
Default-avatar-thumb Great stuff so far, watching on Apple TV is the icing on the cake! Only just discovered it works on that too.
Alex Moffat, about 7 years ago
Logo_final_straight_1000pxthumbthumb Video plays fine, just tried it out now. Give it some time to load, it can take up some time.
Fábio, about 7 years ago
Seanjapanbwthumb Marco Tempest is a genius - not only in terms of his performances but in his creative, collaborative approach with co-creators in other fields as well as his audience. I am shocked that he doesn't get more appreciation in these comments.
Sean Kearney , about 7 years ago
Seanjapanbwthumb Excellent panel discussion. Topas is an excellent moderator and the topic is one that every performer needs to address to be great.
Sean Kearney , about 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Tom Stone in my opionion is very much of the Tommy Wonder ilk, a wonder to watch
Alan Mylecraine, about 7 years ago
Roslyn_walker_avatarthumb .... And I highly recommend you watch http://on.ted.com/Tesla before watching Marco's talk in this session. Beautiful piece of magic.
Roslyn Walker, about 7 years ago
Vincent%20colour%20e-mail:web_2thumb Tom Stone excellent, conversation on secrets was a very important discussion. Overall, a great session.
Michael Vincent , about 7 years ago
Emc_logothumb Dear EMC Member

The Sessions posted here are the complete Sessions. We monitor streaming quality but if for any reason you spot a problem with the sessions do please get in touch with us at info@essentialmagicconference.com

In the coming months we will edit the Sessions into individual Talks and Performances, for easier access. You will have online access to all the videos until July 2013.

In due course we will begin work on the DVDs which will be mailed to everyone free of charge so that you have access to EMC forever!

Thank you. The EMC Team.
EMC Team, about 7 years ago
N529801237_1358939_1211thumb I really enjoyed the talk on creation from 2 points of knowledge making to 100 making 10000 (if I have my math right. As well, the note that "you need to consider how new knowledge effects what you already know", had a huge impact on me. I am a senior manager in the aerospace industry who has enjoyed coin and card magic for a long time. I also juggle and can balance basically anything anywhere...i also play blues guitar and have over 120 videos on YouTube "jdrichard01". I am really not sure how to mix all of the stuff I do to create a unique act. I did a big magic show for Bell Canada years ago that did include rope and chain type effects with juggling but I am at a loss where to go next.
JD Richard, about 7 years ago
Emc_avatarthumb Marco I really enjoyed your talk. Collaboration IS the way forward! If your ever in london would love to hang out.
Sav, about 7 years ago
Gigolothumb Marco : soooooooo intelligent !! Topas English gets better from minute to minute, when it comes to the panel-discussion he becomes really perfect ! When will David Blaine say something ? or at least move his head so I know he is not frozen.... And a last question : What the hell are you all doing with your computers during your fellow-speakers perfomances ? Why are you sitting in front of computers ?
Otto Wessely, almost 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb How can i get Tri-color Fly by Hiro Sakai? That's exactly what i'm looking for for my poker chips routine.

Any help would be great!

Sagar choksi, about 6 years ago
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