EMC 2012 LIVE Session 1

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Eusyllisthumb Great EMC 2012!
Sven Zörner, about 7 years ago
Cade_blogthumb Great! Congratulations to all who made it possible.
Leonardo Martins, about 7 years ago
Me3thumb REally FAST very fast Just GR8
Soumyabrata Banerjee, about 7 years ago
Fan2thumb is there anyway i can move forward or skip few minutes in video ???
Rajesh kumar , about 7 years ago
N1099574569_2744thumb Always uploaded very fast. Thank you guys.
Yann SICAMOIS, about 7 years ago
215298_10150222872566210_622301209_8939910_6587771_nthumb Is there a way to download this?
Ahmed Al Musallam, about 7 years ago
Imagesthumb Hahaha David Blaine's entrance was brilliant!
Evan Bishop, about 7 years ago
Emcthumb Sincerely hope EMC continues to have this conferences... Have learned so much priceless lessons from the EMC. Nothing came close in terms of imparting knowledge and learning the actual IMPORTANT things in the art of magic.
Reuben Wong, about 7 years ago
Michel_photo_cvthumb Great speakers !!! Very different magicians, different ways to think, differents knowledges !

Long life to EMC ! :)
Corlier Michel, about 7 years ago
10102629thumb Many thanks to Denis Behr for his excellent talk on stacked decks! This kind of thinking will definitely help me further with developing my act. Great work!!!!
John Simon, about 7 years ago
0327thumb No question that this conference must continue on into the future. What better way to attend an incredible conference for those of us who cannot travel easily. Keep it going Louis.
Arthur Martello, about 7 years ago
Pimpthumb now I won't get the chanse to speak at emc.. :(
Gianni Reusens, about 7 years ago
Superman_clark_kent_sad_reflective_alex_ross_image_01thumb Missed the beginning of Session 1 till today, sad to hear that there will only be 3 EMC's. Then again, maybe 3 is all they need to tell their story. Thanks for 3 wonderful years Luis and your EMC Team!
Scott Klinger, about 7 years ago
Chad_longthumb Great kick-off. Great advice. Great job, Eric!
Chad Long, about 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Although I couldn't agree enough that tracing down to the original source and reading more books are very critical in one's magic development, Eric, and many others who emphasise on 'read books read books read books' seem to overlook the fact that there are so many people out there who can't or incompetent in reading English books(i'm not saying they only come in English, but the majority of them are or had been translated to English and there's so much less in other languages).
Fung, about 7 years ago
Magomiguethumb Hello from China! I,m very happy with this new succes. Great Job. Inspiración!
MagoMigue (Miguel Puga), about 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Great video, but would be nice if we could skip ahead without needing to "cache", or if there were "sub-chapter" options, so that we could skip forward to a particular talk/segment.
Dean Bodenham, about 7 years ago
Fujiyamathumb Great speakers! Thank you EMC2012!!!!
fujiyama, about 7 years ago
Fujiyamathumb ありがとう EMC2012!!!!
fujiyama, about 7 years ago
Gigolothumb This is the first session I have watched : Amazing ! So much cleverness in one place.... LUIS IS THE PERFECT HOST !!
Otto Wessely, about 7 years ago
Emc_logothumb Dear EMC Member

The Sessions posted here are the complete Sessions. We monitor streaming quality but if for any reason you spot a problem with the sessions do please get in touch with us at info@essentialmagicconference.com

In the coming months we will edit the Sessions into individual Talks and Performances, for easier access. You will have online access to all the videos until July 2013.

In due course we will begin work on the DVDs which will be mailed to everyone free of charge so that you have access to EMC forever!

Thank you. The EMC Team.
EMC Team, about 7 years ago
Kp_schmal_optthumb Mesmerising event and brilliant lectures. Thank you for all your efforts.
Hahnen Peter, almost 7 years ago
Kp_schmal_optthumb It would be helpful if you could structure the videos with chapters, as you did with the clips from 2011. Helps to find parts of special interest. (Pardon my poor English.)
Hahnen Peter, almost 7 years ago
Emc_logothumb @Dr Peter Hahnen
Thank you so much for your comment. We are currently working on that and it will be available soon, along with the DVDs that will be sent to all EMC2012 members.
Please make sure your postal address is updated on your profile.

Thanks! The EMC Team.
EMC Team, almost 7 years ago
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