J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning - Illusionists

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Img_0534thumb I have so many questions & so many praises, but none of the words that are flowing through my head at the moment would do justice to what I just heard you both talk about...

One question that is floating around in my mind is this:

How did you both start out performing in the beginning?

Either way, I tip my hat off to the both of you & I hope that one day, in the not so distant future, I will be able to bare witness to a performance by you both...

Thank you for the video...


- Thomas
Thomas Rutherford, over 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb "The illusion must promote a brand, a personality, and give a sense of originality to the audience." What a great thought on material selection.
Guang Li, over 8 years ago
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J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning are Singapore’s most famous illusionists. They share their views on magic, illusions, skill and teamwork. And how Ning feels about being called ‘the sexiest woman in magic.’