The American Zig-Zag Girl Scandal

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Awesom_methumb I don't know who will even see this, but I just watched a video of Harbin doing the "Aztec Lady" illusion, which is a far-better illusion. Yet, the "Zig Zag" is the one that has become ubiquitous (both with and without permission).
Mystic Mike Faur, about 7 years ago
Supliciothumb For the record: If you perform the Zig Zag you HAVE TO OWN a real copy (not a counterfeit) of "The Magic of John Harbin". Else you are doing the same as Jim Stillman.
Salvador Calderon, about 7 years ago
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The American Zig-Zag Girl Scandal, by Mike Caveney

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