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Topas is a World Champion Manipulator. His dexterity has taken him around the world. He was awarded Grand Prix Magiques de Monte Carlo and World Magic Award 2008 in the USA. In 2010 Topas will tour his illusion show, Surprise, in China.

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World Champion of Manipulation
1972 - TOPAS was born on July 20 in Stuttgart, Germany. At the age of seven years, he encounters the art of magic for the first time - by receiving a Ravensburger magic set. Soon it becomes clear; this bond will last for a lifetime. Indeed, Topas became one of the youngest world champions in the history of magic and has won this title twice.
With virtuosic dexterity, novel effects and great illusions Topas has been succeeding internationally for two decades. Las Vegas, Yokohama, Monte Carlo. Topas has performed in more than 50 international TV shows, such as NBCs The World Greatest Magic - Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, Les plus grands spectacles du monde (France TV 1) and in several shows on German TV.
TOPAS was awarded “Grand Prix Magiques de Monte Carlo” and "World Magic Award" 2008 in the USA.
As the only German magicians performing illusions on tour Topas and his partner Roxanne premiered their first full evening magic show in September 1996 under the title Magic & More. 5 tours, 7 ensuite-runs and countless single shows have been brought to the stage since then.
For Magic Affairs (a later version of Magic & More) Topas and Roxanne were awarded “Illusionists of the year 2004" in St. Louis, USA.
On November 27 2008 the new illusion show Surprise was presented to the public in the Theaterhaus Stuttgart and on Tour in Germany. From April to June 2010 Surprise is touring in China.

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