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Tina Lenert is renowned for her awarding combination of magic and mime. Her famous Mopman act has taken her around the world as a professional magician and helped win her the Academy of Magical Arts Stage Magician of the Year award.

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Tina Lenert was born in Caracas, Venezuela. At age twelve she moved to Malibu, California and took an interest in
performing. She joined a rock band and learned to play classical guitar. She currently specializes in the harp.

Later she joined a mime company in Los Angeles, discovered magic and melded the two to create the act
she is famous for today, Mopman also known as “Maid in Heaven.”

Tina has toured all over the world with the Mopman act and appeared on countless television shows. In 1977 she
married Mike Caveney and has been a regular performer and contributor to the Los Angeles Conference on Magic
History. Other notable performances include her role in The Nocturnal Trio, an act she shares with Max Maven and
Eugene Burger.

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