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Lu Chen will be known to magicians because of his appearances on You Tube where he performs magic with style and creativity. Talented, skilled and successful he is the most famous magician in China, ushering in a new age of contemporary illusion.

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Lu Chen became interested in magic at the age of 8. Four years later, age 12, he received his first award as the champion of a Taiwan teenage magic competition. The presenter was none other than the legendary David Copperfield.

Since then he has been winning multiple international awards for magic, including: 2001 Japan Osaka "Naniwa International Magic Convention Competition" Stage Magic Champion, 2003 "World Magic Seminar Asia" Grand Prix and many more.

In 2003, Lu Chen became the first Chinese magician ever to perform at the sanctuary of magic –The Magic Castle in Hollywood of United Sates. In 2002-2008, Lu Chen has been performed and lectured in over 30 international magic conventions, a record on Chinese magic history.

In 2006, Lu Chen was invited to make a guest appearance on the opening gala show of “I.B.M. International Brotherhood of Magicians Annual Convention” in Miami, U.S., by which he received standing ovation from over 1000 magicians from all over the world.

His refreshing performance style and highly creative act were highly praised by global magic community, which made him the most well known Chinese magician in magic fraternity.

For near 10 years, Lu Chen has been making numerous T.V. appearances. Apart from his regular appearances on T.V. shows in Taiwan and China, Lu Chen is also the first Chinese artist whom has his own T.V. special produced by mainstream Japanese T.V. channel and broadcasted at prime time. Fuji T.V. in Japan has been producing T.V. special for Lu Chen since 2007, his two hours long Japanese TV prime time special in 2008 was also the highest television rating show in the time slot. In the same year, Lu Chen was also awarded “Close Up Magician of the Year” on Japan Cup magic convention.

Lu Chen has done more than 1000 TV shows in Asia. In 2009, he was invited as a guest performer for “2009 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala” This is a special live TV show which takes place once a year at the same time of Chinese new year’s eve, it has been done for the last 20 years and the audience is about 1.3 billion people in the whole country. In this show, not only did Lu Chen deliver a hugely successful performance, he has also received “Best Act Award” in the music and performing arts category for his act. As the most famous magician in China he is responsible for the current “magic craze” in that part of the world.

In 2010, Lu Chen made his second appearance on CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala and received “Best Act Award” award for the second time.

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