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Jonathan Bayme is the CEO of theory11, an online collective of magicians dedicated to creating, performing and teaching original and practical magic.

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A prodigy, a whiz kid, and one of the hardest working figures in the magic industry. Jonathan Bayme's passion for magic was ignited at age six after watching a performance by David Copperfield in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. By 13, he began presenting theatrical productions around the southeast USA to sold out audiences of over 500 capacity - to critical acclaim.

From 2002 to 2007, he served as creative executive and thereafter President of Ellusionist, one of the first groundbreaking companies to produce instructional magic videos with a modern edge. A tech geek with a passion for industrial design, he finished high school in two years and began producing projects for some of the most respected names in magic. In February of 2007, Jonathan resigned as President of Ellusionist, and on August 31st, after months of speculation and over 100 pages of excitement on The Magic Cafe, theory11 launched to the public.

theory11 was born out of a desire to challenge the status quo and push the envelope. To remain on course with its mission statement, theory11 is guided by an unrivaled team of the best creators in magic - including Bayme's longtime friend and mentor, Chris Kenner (executive producer, David Copperfield).

theory11 quickly accelerated to the forefront of innovation within the magic community, creating an environment that is respectful to the rich history and tradition of the art while ushering in a new era of advancement. theory11 celebrated its third anniversary this past August with record activity and a consistently unparalleled production pipeline.

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