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JJ is one of the presenters of the incredible Bizarre Bath Comedy Walk, a magical walking tour in the UK where facts are thin on the ground but mystery can be found in abundance. He is also co-publisher of Opus Magazine with Chris Power.

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JJ has had a lifetime in Magic.

A former children’s magician… resident close up magician in 1977 before the Brits knew what “close up” was.

Lectured and performed all over the world with Chris Power in the “Laid Back Magic” Lecture.

Corporate magician for companies such as Kodak, Bosch, BMW, Mercedes etc etc.

Street performer and worked with Noel Britten on the Bizarre Bath Comedy Walk for the last twenty years.

Co-founder of Opus Magazine and co-organiser of the Isle of Man Magic conventions.

Currently working with Luis de Matos Productions Portugal.

Interests in magic

Publishing Opus Magazine which is the subject of the talk for EMC2011.


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