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From Argentina we are excited to introduce the wonderful Norberto Janenson, a magician who brings theatre and storytelling to his magic. He is a favourite of Rene Lavand, combining culture, literature and mystery to create a unique theatrical and emotional experience for his audience.

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Jansenson has found a unique way to represent the Art of the Mystery. Not content with the sole purpose of astonishment traditional magician, has combined different art forms in a show packed full of stories, mystery and excitement.
Brief summary of work Jansenson:
He is 40 years of age.
He began his studies in magic at age 9 and made his first show hired at age 15.
He created, wrote and starred in his own television show "Magical Nights" produced by Ideas del Sur in 2008. There were 13 episodes with guests such as China Zorrilla, Luis Brandoni, Miguel Angel Zotto, Dario Volonte, Virginia Lake, Renata Schussheim, Diego Reinhold, Sabrina Garciarena, Serafin Zubiri, Boy Olmi, and others, in a talk show, magic and emotion .
He was hired by Ideas del Sur in 2005 as a judge of the contest of magic that appeared on the Show Match.
Was chosen as a disciple by René Lavand, one of the greatest magicians in the world and history, who led him to discover the magic of stories and the depth of the art of illusion, in addition to the magic of the little things life. Rene Lavand said: "Almost all the magicians I admire are dead or retired. But there is a very young artist who is alive and well whose work I admire and respect, his name is Norberto Jansenson ".
Was the only South American magician chosen by Disney to present his show at one of its theme parks, in which he made 600 performances in just three months to more than 300,000 people.
He was hired by the Coast Park to design, produce, write and star in a show at the first theater built especially for a magic show in South America. Functions performed there eleven hundred times a year to more than 500,000 spectators.
Created and performed the first show of magic virtual world, Telecom Argentina, which guessed the letters intended for more than 10,000 people in just three days, from a remote studio linked to the theater through an optical fiber cable. For the event Telecom invested a million dollars for the Expocomm 1996.
Created, produced and starred for the first segment RGB producer of the theatrical presentation of the group's second album Popstars "Bandana."
He was hired by producer Pol-Ka to advise on the production of the Illusions, and to train the protagonist Oscar Martinez, who played a professional magician.
He was hired six times by the Magic Castle in Hollywood where he worked in all rooms and performed, to date, a total of one hundred eighty functions.
He is the author of "The Secret Sahili" which ran two editions in Argentina, Mexico and Spain, which is about the life of a boy who wants to become a true artist of magic, and it proposes ideas and exercises to achieve depth of communication with oneself and the world.
Advises artists and businessmen from different countries by helping them deepen their communication tools to achieve extraordinary results in their professional and personal lives.
He is hired by major companies from different countries to create, design, produce, direct and star in various events that require originality and artistic conceptual development and comprehensive.
Hired by events related to the world of magic to give his lectures, seminars and workshops, and to present tshows in different settings and locations in both Spanish and English.

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