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Hiro Sakai is new to EMC. He is well known in Japan and Korea where he has appeared on television many times, often in the character of ‘Dr Leon.’ He is an author and inventor and has contributed his ingenious magic to many magic magazines including The Looking Glass and Genii. Welcome Hiro Sakai.

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Hiro Sakai is an accomplished author, creator and magician in Japan. He is noted for his original close up magic.

On television he has often performed in character as 'Dr Leon' and has had eight television specials.

He was the subject of a Genii magazine cover story in 2009. Has created many effects including Currency Swap, Quiet Revolution, The Bill Doctor, YKK, Balloon Bank Nite, The Strange Pass and the Uncluttered Mind.

He has written books on magic for the Japanese public including a history of psychics, Bar Magic, Business Magic, Party Magic and School Magic. He has contributed to New Magic of Japan and Five Times Five: Japan, both published by Richard Kaufman in the USA.

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Globe Website: hirosakai.com