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Guy Hollingworth is one of the world’s leading sleight of hand artists. His most famous effect is probably The Reformation, an impossible torn and restored card. His book Drawing Room Deceptions is a one of magic’s contemporary classics.

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Guy became interested in magic whilst at St Paul's School in London at the age of 13.  The magic club there The Prestige Society had virtually disappeared (so to speak), but provided a preferable alternative to many of the other lunch-time activities that were on offer, such as the Classics and History Societies (not to mention rugby practice). Minor involvement with the society became more serious when its only two members, Guy and his friend Ben, were required to put on a magic show for the school Open Day. Not only did they both enjoy the experience, but it promoted the club to future pupils, which led to its rapid expansion.
At about the same time, a series on British television, The Best of Magic, showed a clip of Channing Pollock performing his dove and card manipulation act.  This inspired Guy, who originally intended to perform a stage manipulation act, to pursue magic more seriously.  A little while later, Guy was similarly impressed by seeing Ricky Jay on another television show, Simon Drake's The Secret Cabaret. This turned his interest in conjuring towards close-up and gambling-themed effects.
Guy subsequently graduated with a First Class honours degree in Industrial Design and then a post graduate diploma in law, whilst still maintaining his interest in magic and a busy performing schedule. Shows and lectures both for the public and other professionals have taken him all over North America and Europe, as well as Australia, Argentina and Japan. 
Guy has performed in a wide variety of settings, for a wide range of people: private functions in the Imperial Palace in Vienna, and stately homes in England; corporate functions at many of the world's finest hotels; intimate shows in small theatres in London, Bath, Edinburgh and Munich; unusual venues such as The Magic Castle in Hollywood, the QE2 and a traditional comedy club in Japan.
After producing acclaimed lecture notes and instructional video cassettes, as well as publishing a variety of original effects in magic magazines, Guy wrote his long-awaited book on card conjuring, Drawing Room Deceptions, in 1999.  It instantly became the best selling publication of Mike Caveney's Magic Words, and has been reprinted numerous times since.
Perhaps Guy's best known and most influential effect is The Reformation, in which a selected card is signed and torn into quarters.  The pieces are then restored, one by one, until the entire card has been reassembled, and given to the audience for inspection.  The Reformation was featured as one of the Fifty Greatest Magic Tricks in the British television programme of that name.
Although now a full-time barrister specialising in intellectual property law, Guy still performs for exclusive gatherings and at occasional conjuring conventions, including the Centenary Celebrations of the Magic Circle in 2005 at which he was one of only two invited lecturers.  In the Francis White Centenary Lecture he discussed the application of the design process (learnt through his Industrial Design training) and its application to invention of magical effects.  Guy also wrote a detailed set of notes to accompany the lecture, titled Waiting for Inspiration, recently serialised in Genii Magazine.
Guy performed his one man show, The Expert at the Card Table, based on the mystery surrounding the legendary book of the same name, at the Edinburgh Festival in 2008, to sell-out houses and rave reviews. 
Guy's television appearances include NBC's The World's Greatest Magic III, Illusoes with Luis de Matos in Portugal, The Five Greatest Magicians in the World in Japan, and Britain's Worst Cheats, Heroes of Magic, the BBC's History of Magic and Fifty Greatest Magic Tricks in England.
In March 2009, Guy was named Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood.

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