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Gene Matsuura has made an extensive study of the magic of Slydini. In the 1970s they began a book project together. Slydini discussed his methods, particularly the timing, co-ordination and psychological ploys that underpinned his routines.

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I am a physician, now retired.
I’ve had an interest in three particular areas of magic: the linking rings, Slydini, and Winston Freer.
I had the good fortune of getting to know Slydini since the mid-1970’s, and on many occasions over the years we discussed not only the methods of his tricks, but more importantly the underlying construction of his routines, the timing, co-ordination, and the psychological ploys he used. Several years before Slydini’s death we had started to work on a book that would explain these underpinnings to his routines. But there were limitations to how quickly we could proceed because we had to talk face to face, Slydini not being a great letter writer. Furthermore, he couldn’t talk about his magic on the phone because the phone deprived him of the use of his hands, face and body when he talked. So work was limited to when we could see each other in person.
My other particular area of interest in magic is a little known performer named Winston Freer. I’ve been researching and studying Freer over a 35 year period. I first became aware of Freer while looking through old copies of Genii magazine when I came upon an advertisement for a trick called the Maxam Ring Illusion. This was an ad for a 3 ring linking ring routine in which the rings were passed out to the audience at the start, and subsequently used to perform the routine.

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