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Eric Mead brings his years of experience and eclectic knowledge to bear in creating customized content for companies and events. His quick wit and subtle sleight-of–hand make him one of the most sought after magicians working today.

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For over two decades, Eric Mead has been performing as a corporate magician, mentalist, speaker, comedian and consultant.
Mead has made numerous appearances on television and in films, including his memorable spot in The Aristocrats with Robin Williams, Drew Carey, Jon Stewart and The Smothers Brothers. In addition to his personal appearances, Mead is often "the man behind the scenes" for television and film productions, including Penn and Teller's Off the Deep End special for NBC. In 2007 he spent a month in Mumbai, India filming a television series he created and co-produced for AXN Network.
Recently Eric has been speaking to groups of scientists and physicians about conjuring and brain science. At the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Chicago, Eric addressed over 8,000 scientists, exposing some of the secrets of the human mind that are revealed by the art of deception--fostering new avenues for research into the brain and cognitive neuroscience. At the 2009 TEDMED conference in San Diego, Mead delivered five different presentations on subjects as diverse as the placebo effect, short term memory, the illusion of telepathy, and a history of prosthetics and body modification in the field of magic.  
Mead's talent lies in bringing years of experience and eclectic knowledge of diverse subjects to bear, and creating customized content for companies and events. Mind blowing physical and mental illusions with Eric’s trademark synthesis of quick wit, subtle sleight-of–hand, and commanding psychological influence, make Eric one of the most sought after speakers and entertainers working today. 
Eric makes his home in Aspen, CO.

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