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Eberhard Riese is the secret weapon behind many of the world’s top performers. He is a magician with enormous technical knowledge and theatrical experience and director of many awarding winning magic acts. In 2006 he was awarded the Creative Fellowship by the Academy of Magical Arts in Los Angeles.

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Born 1951 in Leipzig, Head of Department at the Paracelsus-Gymnasium in Stuttgart.
Member of the Magic Circle of Germany since 1972.
Chairman of the Magic Circle Stuttgart since 1979.
Chairman of the German Championship since 1984.
Vice President of the Magic Circle of Germany since 1987, since 2011 President.
German jury representative at FISM competition since 1988.
Editor of the German magazine MAGIE from 1990 to 2003.
Numerous prizes (Author of the year award of the Magic Circle Germany 1983 and 2004, Honorary Member of the German Magic Circle and the Club Magico Italiano).
Published “Foundations” (translated in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese)
Creative Fellowship Award 2006 (Academy of Magic Arts, Los Angeles)
Directed many prize winning magic acts (Andy Häussler, ChaPeau, Clemens Valentino, Doctor Marrax, Franklin, Jorgos Pampoukidis, Jorgos Katsaros, Julius Frack, Jojo, Junge, Junge!, Marc&Alex, Nils Bennett, Roxanne, Simon Pierro, Timo Marc, Tom Voss, Topas, Wave and others)
Numerous productions of international magic shows (including the art direction of FISM 1997 Dresden and since 1998 of the “Festival of Illusions” in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart.
Special effects consultant to stages, TV shows and variety shows
Theatre and musical productions at his school (West Side Story, Hair, Faust, Sugar etc.)

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