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Dynamo, star of top rating television series Magician Impossible, and the only magician on the planet to walk across the River Thames will be joining us live in Portugal on 29th of July. Do not miss this extraordinary performer who has been captivating audiences with his magic.

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Inspired by hip-hop culture Dynamo has found new audiences for magic. He worked the party circuit, performing magic backstage for some of the biggest acts in music; Coldplay, The Gorillaz, Ian Brown, Snoop etc. His reputation among the cool brigade grew and last year he starred in his own television series, Magician Impossible, a series that broke all ratings records on the Watch television channel. The second series is now airing. Magic Impossible was launched with one of magic’s most audacious publicity stunts, walking on water, the water being the River Thames in London just opposite Westminster Bridge. The event was captured on smart phones by tourists and the video quickly went viral. Dynamo was a magician to be watched. He is now a household name in the UK and his series continues to be the highest rated show on the channel.

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