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David Britland is a television writer and consultant specializing in magic and deception. He co-created The Real Hustle and has worked on many British shows including Secret Cabaret, Max Maven’s Mind Games and Derren Brown’s specials.

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David Britland is a freelance writer and consultant specialising in all areas of deception including psychology, magic, the paranormal, con tricks and illusion. He developed The Real Hustle television series along with Matt Crook and Objective Productions.
He has consulted on many television shows including: The Secret Cabaret, James Randi Psychic Investigator, Max Maven’s Mind Games, Monkey Magic, Secrets of the Psychics, Greatest Tricks in the Universe Ever, Thomas Solomon Escape Artist, Magick, Secrets of Magic, Undercover Magic, Dirty Tricks, Harry Price Ghost Hunter, Death Wish Live, Magic of Jesus, Tricks from the Bible, When Tricks Go Wrong, People Watchers, Luis de Matos Misterios, Derren Brown Trick of the Mind series, Russian Roulette, Séance, The System and other Derren Brown specials.
He has also researched and produced four science documentaries for Channel 4's Equinox series. They range in subject matter from the world of the superpsychic to the technology employed in theme parks and a sceptical documentary about hypnosis entitled The Big Sleep.
He co-wrote two documentaries on magic for BBC Radio 4. These were Men of Mystery, which dealt with the history of mind readers, and Boxjumpers which was a two-part documentary on magicians’ assistants.
For Breakout Films he helped develop the storyline for the comedy movie Magicians featuring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.
He writes for both Magic and Genii magazine and has authored a number of books for magicians including Chan Canasta a Remarkable Man and The Mind and Magic of David Berglas
He collaborated with friend and street magician Gazzo on the book Phantoms of the Card Table. Gazzo was the only pupil of a card cheat called Walter Irving Scott, a man who baffled New York’s finest magicians with his sleight of hand skills back in the 1930s. The book details the true story of Scott and traces the links between card cheats and magicians.
In 2005 he was awarded a Literary Fellowship by the Academy of Magical Arts.

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