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(Dan and) Dave have been called "visionaries" in the art of magic and cardistry. They are world renowned for their unique style and transformation of the craft into visual art.

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(Dan and) Dave are twin brothers who have had a passion for magic and playing cards since they were 11 years old. Growing up in small town Sonora, California, they had little else to do but spend 16-plus hours a day studying and practicing their newfound craft. It was their obsession and drive to be different that lead to their acclaim at such a young age. They authored their first book on over 50 original techniques when they were 15 years old. When they were 16, they revolutionized the underground world of card magic by introducing entirely new concepts on their home-made video, Pasteboard Animations. Two years later, this video was revamped into The System, a breakthrough DVD that vitalized card flourishing as an independent art form, and started a movement that has grown to include thousands of young artists worldwide.

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