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Chris Kenner is a phenomenon. He created the famous Threefly routine, he wrote Totally Out of Control, he advises Theory11 and he is the executive producer for David Copperfield. No one knows magic like Chris Kenner. It is an honour to have him at EMC.

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Chris Kenner has the top job in magic, working as executive producer to David Copperfield. Chris is the go- to guy, always creating, always thinking and taking care of the day to day management of the world’s leading magic show whether at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas or on tour.

His personal contributions to magic are well known, from the ubiquitous Threefly and Sybil Cut to his best-selling book Totally Out of Control.

He also published the now hard to find Magic Man Examiner, a magazine of magic.

From sleight of hand to comedy, Chris Kenner knows magic inside out. He continues to inspire and stay at the forefront of innovation with his contribution to the online magic site that is

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