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Passion for Magic Videos

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We continue to receive wonderful feedback on our Passion for Magic series of videos. If you haven’t checked them out please do so here. Some videos are for members only but many others can be viewed whether or not you have registered for the conference. Consider them a hint of things to come.

You can also add your comments to the videos as many members have already done.

The videos cover almost every aspect of magic, from what it takes to start a magic magazine to working mentalism, close up and illusions. Tips on business, psychology and agents. Insights into history, becoming a professional, practice, rehearsal, lighting, creativity and audience rapport.

We have posted 19 videos to date and there are more to come. Visit the video page and find our what Jeff McBride, Apollo Robbins, Bill Herz, Marco Tempest, David Yamner, Jules Fisher, Asi Wind, Steven Cohen, Bill Kalush and many others have to say about our craft.

Spirit of Magic now closed

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EMC2010 | Spirit of Magic | Photography competition from Essential Magic Conference on Vimeo.

We had dozens of entries for our latest members only competition. The idea was to capture the spirit of magic in a photograph. We had barely announced the competition when photos started to arrive in our inbox.

The competition is now closed and we are going through the photos. But before we announce the winners we thought you might like a take a look at some of the entries.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter this competition. The standard was incredibly high. You’ve made our decision very difficult. And we love you for it.

The winners will be announced very shortly! 

New Speaker Video: Ton Onasaka - Tokyo

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Ton Onasaka is the proprietor of Magic Land, a shop in Tokyo specialising in magic for magicians. Ton Onasaka is the creator of many original magic effects. For many years he has played a unique role as a cultural ambassador making possible many exchanges of ideas and information between magicians in the west and Japan.

Exclusive Member Only Video: Jules Fisher - Lighting Designer

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Jules Fisher is one of the world’s leading theatrical lighting designers. For 50 years his award winning lighting designs have been seen in musicals, plays, concerts and movies. Magic has been a lifelong interest and here he talks about how magicians can use lighting to enhance their performances and bring about moments of wonder.

(This video is for EMC members only - You must be a registered EMC member to watch this video)

New Video: Scott Hitchcock - Skills and Rapport

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Scott is a professional magician now living in Las Vegas. Known for the diversity of his work he talks about the importance of developing a broad range of skills and cultivating that all important rapport with the audience.

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