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David Berglas and the Foundation for Promoting the Art of Magic

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As you already know, our slogan for the Essential Magic Conference is Learn, Share and Collaborate.

Yet we continue to be amazed at the sheer generosity of the people supporting this event. From the Speakers who are appearing to the many Media and Production Partners who are doing everything they can to make this event a success. This week we received an email from one of the greatest magicians ever to walk the stage, David Berglas. In 1999 David established the FP-AM, the Foundation for Promoting the Art of Magic. Each year the foundation donates money to a number of individuals and institutions in order to help them promote magic.

Now the FP-AM is donating 60 tickets for the Essential Magic Conference. These tickets are going to people who probably wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the conference. Some are going to the Magic College in Capetown, South Africa.

We have just spoken with Jack Delvin, President of The Magic Circle and confirmed that another portion of the tickets will be going to the Young Magicians Club at The Magic Circle. More will be distributed soon.

This is an incredible offer on the part of the FP-AM and totally in line with our aim to share the conference as widely as possible to people interested in our craft. Thank you David Berglas and the Foundation for Promoting the Art of Magic.

New Video: EMC Speaker - Cyril Takayama

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Cyril Takayama is one of the most famous magicians in the world. His spectacular television specials have made him a household name in Japan. Viral videos of his highly original take on street magic have made him one of the most popular magicians on the internet. In this interview he talks about the challenges and opportunities in performing magic for stage, television and the web.

Free Public Event - You are invited

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We have something very special for all of you. It is a free event and we would like you to join us. 

It will take no more than 15 minutes of your time. All you need is a computer and a broadband internet connection. You can attend from anywhere in the world without moving from your computer.

The event takes place on Monday July 12th, 15.00 EST (20.00 in UK and Portugal)

Make a note in your diary now! And check our website for the special invitation in the next few days.

Join us for an Essential Magic Conference special event. Free!

New Video: Lance Burton - Master Magician

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Lance Burton is one of the world’s most famous magicians. He graduated from being an award winning sleight of hand artist to headlining his own full evening illusion show in Las Vegas. Here he talks about his inspirations, magic and the real secret to becoming a great performer.

Ask the Essential Magic Conference

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In addition to the scheduled presentations and lectures we will be arranging discussion panels to debate some of the issues of the day affecting magic. And we want you to get involved.

Based upon your questions we will assemble a panel of Speakers who will offer solutions and opinion on the questions uppermost in your mind.

You can ask as many questions as you like and on any topic connected to magic. The questions can be on any subject from specific sleight of hand techniques to shooting your own DVDs. From recommended reading to pitching your staging your own theatre show.

We want to hear from you. Start sending your questions

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