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New Member Video: J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning - Illusionists

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J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning are Singapore’s most famous illusionists. They share their views on magic, illusions, skill and teamwork. And how Ning feels about being called ‘the sexiest woman in magic.’

The EMC pass - The perfect gift

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There is a new way to register for the Essential Magic Conference. Our unique EMC Pass is available via Murphy’s Magic and dealers around the world. The cost is 55 Euros which at the moment is approximately $75. You can buy it direct from your favourite dealer.

The Pass is a scratchcard which has a special code that gives you access to the conference. Just input your code into the Registration Page on our website, complete your user profile and you are in. It’s simple.

The code is for a single-user and gives you access to the live conference, access to all the conference events on demand and after the conference we will send you a set of DVDs that contain all the conference videos. It’s the biggest bargain in magic and the perfect gift.

Dealers interested in selling the EMC Pass should contact Murphy’s Magic Supplies.

Helder Guimarães – ‘Outstanding’

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This was the verdict of Richard Hatch reporting on Helder’s appearance at Fechter’s Finger Flinging Frolics. The report can be found on the Genii forum.

“Helder’s lecture at FFFF last weekend was outstanding,” said Richard Hatch. “His detailed explanations of the staging of his effects, particularly the underlying stagecraft was really inspirational.”

We agree, which is why he is lecturing at the Essential Magic Conference in July. We hope you can join us and discover FISM champion Helder’s artistry for yourself.

Click here to learn more about Helder Guimarães.

Link to Richard Hatch’s post on Genii forum

EMC club pass

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We have had lots of enquiries from magic clubs and organisations and people who want to arrange larger gatherings to watch the Essential Magic Conference live. To accommodate this we’ve now created the EMC Club Pass. Using the Club Pass you can arrange your own mini convention and enjoy the conference with 10, 20, a 100 or more of your fellow magicians. Here is how it works.

The cost of the EMC Club Pass is 55 Euros plus 10 Euros for each person attending your event.

If you have 10 people attending it would cost 55 + 100 = 155 Euros. Which means each person has only paid 15.5 Euros (approx. US$ 20). We think that is incredible value.

You don’t get the DVDs included in this package. But you do get the one-year subscription which entitles you arrange further on-demand viewings of the conference material for your group.

All we need is one person to take responsibility for organising and monitoring your gathering. You make an initial payment based on the number of people in your group. If your group grows as the conference nears, you can always make the balance of the payment later. We want to work with you to make this happen.

Group organisers can contact us at:

An incredible line up of talent!

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Today we can announce the last two Speakers who will be joining us at the Essential Magic Conference. They are Finn Jon and Carlos Vaquera.

Finn Jon is surely one of the most creative people in magic. His professional act is spellbinding. His floating ball routine unsurpassed for sheer elegance. His animated snake-tie routine so original and mystifying.

He has a long list of incredible inventions to his name: Esoteric, Floating Silver Stick, Bolt of Lightning, Multiplying Tennis Balls, Roughing Stick, Perfect Vanish. This is the magician who discovered Elastic Invisible Thread and pioneered Thread Loops. Finn knows more about thread work than anyone. We are really happy that he can join us for the conference. Get ready for some truly astonishing magic.

Carlos Vaquera is one of the most charming and charismatic magicians in the world. His film star looks are only one of the many qualities that have made him one of Europe’s top performers. He has won many awards for his skills at close up and card magic. He combines beautiful presentation with faultless technique. Trained in mime and comedy his work is diverse, even extending to mind bending mentalism for which he is becoming increasingly famous. It is always a pleasure to watch magic performed with grace and charm. Join us at the Essential Magic Conference and enjoy the stylish magic of the wonderful Carlos Vaquera.

What an incredible line up of talent we have. 33 of the world’s top magicians. All lecturing and performing at Studio33 in Ansiao, Portugal. And you have a front row seat. Don’t miss it!

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