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We are very happy to announce that David Copperfield will be joining us via live video link from Las Vegas and giving an exclusive interview for EMC members. You will have a chance to choose the questions. This is a unique opportunity to hear from one of the greatest magicians ever, a performer who redefined what it meant to be an illusionist in modern times. We were thrilled when David Copperfield agreed to the interview but then he surprised us with another exclusive, a virtual tour of his museum of magic in Las Vegas!

A virtual tour of the DAVID COPPERFIELD MUSEUM

As part of the conference David Copperfield will be giving us a live tour of his amazing museum of magic in Las Vegas. This is one of the most magnificent collections of magic ever assembled. And our tour will be conducted personally via David Copperfield. Register now and take the tour as part of the Essential Magic Conference. And look out for our request for questions for David Copperfield. We want you to help build this exclusive interview. 

All we need now is you! Register now for EMC2011

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Richmuseum2thumb Did they already have the requests for questions to David Copperfield? If they did, I must have missed it.
Rich Gilbert, about 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb What is the current status of Project Magic?
Thomas K. Burchard MD, about 8 years ago
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