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Jon Racherbaumer in his article Paradise Found? in Magic magazine wrote: ‘It was an experiment worth doing, a game worth playing, a risk worth taking, and a dance worth dancing.’ For Jon the conference was a realisation of a prediction he made in 1995 that total access to magic via computer was near at hand. EMC made that dream a reality providing three days of magic and 16 hours of lectures and demonstrations by 33 performers.

Jon went on to praise the performers and the sheer variety of magic on offer. He summed up the online experience as ‘like watching fireworks: wonderful, exotic designs of streaming light, accompanied by explosions, streamed across a dark sky. Then they vanished. Then another display burst across the sky. Then another. And another. I eventually felt immersed in the virtual space – connected, a member of a tribe. When the conference finally ended I felt as though I had been there with the others in the studio. We had asked questions, responded to polls, and chatted with one another. We wereparticipants, truly participating – all connected by computers and never having to leave home.'

Thanks to MAGIC magazine courtesy you can download the entire article here.

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