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If I had to use one word to sum up last year’s EMC, it would be exhilarating. Being a part of that event was truly something special. For those of us who were there in Portugal, it was a great time, both socially and academically. Spending several days with friends, old and new, was great fun. And of course, the many varied presentations, talks, lectures, performances and panel discussions were really informative and, frequently, highly inspirational.

Over the past year, from the many conversations I’ve had with people who participated in EMC via the Internet, both watching the live streaming video and interacting through simultaneous on-line chatting, it’s clear that the exhilaration was not limited to those who were physically present in the studio. The primary goal of EMC was to create an involving and stimulating experience for everyone. And it was!

Of course, the whole thing was recorded in HD, and those who caught up with it later on via its release on multiple DVDs were also enthusiastic. But, for those who were able to join in on-line, in real time, EMC was even more compelling.

And now, we get to do it again. I’m pleased to be one of the returning in-studio participants. Again, it will be a diverse line-up, bringing together magicians from different parts of the world, different cultural backgrounds, different generations, different styles and approaches—but all connected by an abiding love of the Mystery Arts, and a desire to share and support by celebrating our past and nurturing our future.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Max Maven

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Ed Hooymans, about 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb 2011 was great!
Larry Becker, about 8 years ago
Primo%20blass-tchangthumb Max,
I'm Primo Blass-Tchang from Mexico. Maybe you don't remember me but I performed at the Magic Castle some years ago and I called to invite you to my show. I really admire you because of your knowledge and all the things you've written. Is It possible for you to talk about the Gilbreath Principle in your lecture? Or maybe you can send me some info about it. I think there's no book dedicated to this subject. Is there? I appreciate your answer on this topic. Take care.
Your friend,
Primo Blass-Tchang
Primo Blass-Tchang, about 7 years ago
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