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A big thank you to William Kalush and the Conjuring Arts Research Center for giving us a glimpse of the magical treasure trove that is Ask Alexander.

Members who registered with EMC before the conference was over are entitled to a free one month's trial of the Ask Alexander database. If you qualify for the offer an email is already being sent to you from the Conjuring Arts Research Center with details about accessing Ask Alexander.

Ask Alexander is a tremendous achievement. It holds thousands of pages, documents and books all of which can be searched online. Whether you are looking for tricks, people or history, Ask Alexander provides the answer. We consider it absolutely invaluable and urge you to give it a try.

So watch out for an email from The Conjuring Arts Research Center. The 30 day trial begins only when you activate  your account by clicking the link in the email you have been sent. Which means you can start it at your own convenience.

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Default-avatar-thumb Ask Alexander is an amazing resource. Do check it out. You'll spend hours with it.
Frank Dudgeon, over 8 years ago
With_sylvester_the_jesterthumb when i receive the account in my email?
Ivan Lie, over 8 years ago
Img_1911thumb I haven't recieved the e-mail :-(
Tom Talloen, over 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb people above, check your spam.. good luck..
Ammar, over 8 years ago
Img_1911thumb Nothing :§
Tom Talloen, over 8 years ago
Luigimarsouthparkthumb Still haven't received the e-mail, and it's not inside the spam folder.
Luis Espino, over 8 years ago
Methumb All I get when I try to register is the error message

"Something went wrong processing your request.
We've been notified about the issue and we're on it."

This has been happenoing for a week now
Ken Gielow, over 8 years ago
Luigimarsouthparkthumb Still Nothing :-(
What can I do?
Luis Espino, over 8 years ago
Mint-chocolate-chip-icthumb nothing for me too
Rise Alise, over 8 years ago
Img_0534thumb Me too, no emails about the above article. And trust me when I say I'm keeping an eye on my 'IN-BOX' & my 'SPAM' box…

I did get one email from "", but that was just a news-letter due to the fact that I entered in my email address on "" in the box asking me to enter my email address if I wanted to receive 'news-letters'!

I've set an email of to EMC & forwarded it to as well on Oct. 23rd, 2010 at approx. 4:05amEDT… So I hope one of them will get back to me soon…


- Thomas
Thomas Rutherford, over 8 years ago
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