The Sessions Are Now Online

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All the Sessions are now online. The two-hour sessions have been split into two separate videos for easier access.

To view the sessions all you need to do is log in with your user name and password. Click on the Videos page. And then choose which Session you want to view.

The contents of the Sessions can be found in the original schedule.

This is stage one of our uploading process. The next stage is to index the Sessions and make each presentation available as a separate file and in a higher quality. This will take some time. And is the precursor to making all the conference content available on DVD. We expect to deliver the DVDs before the end of the year to all registrants.

If you did not see the conference live, you can still register and access all our content on demand.

See our registration page for details. If you register now you will still receive the DVDs mailed post free to your home wherever you live. But this offer will come to an end soon so please register now if you'd like to take advantage of it.

Thank you.

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20110820-nnm2m7q6uba4k8f1ds7h6itwqxthumb Thats great! Can't wait to see some of the extra stuff, like Max Maven's effect etc.
Great job!
Aaron Jones, over 8 years ago
Me3thumb Though The whole session was a non-profit motive but still the level of PROFESSIONALISM you people have shown is AWESOME.
Thank u guys.
Hope the conference will be an annual event.
Soumyabrata Banerjee, over 8 years ago
Magic%20cabaretthumb Absolutely incredible. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks to everyone concerned

Paul Scott
Paul Scott, over 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Is there any more word if the videos are going to be edited into individual presentations? It'd be nice to revisit some of these without waiting for the whole session to load.
Scott Macaulay, over 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Anyone knw when the DVD's will be sent out I"m still waiting? I tried emailing several times and I get no responce
Blaine Garner, about 8 years ago
Avatarthumb Apparently they were supposed to be posted out before the end of the year - seems crazy to send them in the Christmas rush though, so who knows? I'm here in the UK, still waiting for mine, and I've checked that I put my address on my profile page - I did.
Edward Sumner, about 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb I have a feeling we'd hear first if the DVDs were being mailed out. I'm assuming they will be sometime in 2011, but it would be nice to have some official word.
Scott Macaulay, about 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Can we have an update on the progress of the DVD's?
Bruce Gauthier, about 8 years ago
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