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A big thank you to everyone who attended the Essential Magic Conference. It was the most extraordinary event and a big part of its success is due to the feedback, comments and support we received from you, our members.

All the guests have now left Studio 33 and we need to catch up on some work. Here is the plan:

Our first task is to get the videos of the sessions online so that you can watch them on-demand. This will be a two stage process. And yes, we already know that we are late in uploading them but we hope you will forgive us bearing in mind that you have until 1st July 2011 to watch them all again.

The first stage of the process consists in uploading each session. Session 1 is already online. And so far we have had 2500 views. So we’re guessing that some of you are watching more than once. We don’t blame you.

The second stage is to edit the sessions so that each individual presentation can be uploaded on line. This will make it easier for you to find exactly the presentation, trick or item you want.

Also these videos will be uploaded at a much higher quality. We’ve seen them and can promise that the quality is amazing. Some of you already figured out how to plug your computers into your digital televisions and watch EMC live on the big screen. Our high quality video will make this a joy.

Our third task is to transfer the videos to DVDs. These will have a menu system so that you can find what you want. They will be mailed free of charge to your home address. Again this will take some time but we expect to deliver them before the end of the year. The purpose of the DVDs is to ensure that you have the material forever once your subscription to the site has expired.

So please please please update your Profiles. We need your name. Mail address. And email address. If this information is not correct, you might miss out on some EMC benefits.

A Newsletter is being sent out today to all members. It will outline more of our plan and detail the freebies that are coming your way.

That’s enough blogging for tonight. There is much work to do. Thank you again for all your support and please spread the word about EMC 2011.

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Mark_s_facebook_picthumb Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that has gone into this being the success that it has become.
Mark Bartman, over 8 years ago
Img_0534thumb Thank you to all the EMC team for making it an wonderful & incredible 3 day journey! Not to mention all the hard work you are doing as I type this response & will have to do during the months to come...

Trust me, when I say, I know what it entails... Being a Photographer & Video Digital Editor myself, I know the hours, upon weeks, if not months that it will take of hard (though to a degree fun) monotonous work you have a head of you still...

Thank you very much for everything once again! You all, & I mean ALL, truly made this 1st EMC live internet broadcast a, dare I say it... Magical experience !

In your debt for ever,

Thomas R.
Thomas Rutherford, over 8 years ago
Luigimarsouthparkthumb Thank you ALL for all your hard work! I know there's a lot of work still ahead of you but I know that you know we really appreciate it. I've been spreading the word among my friends and some of them had the chance to see the last session which was free and they are really excited about the idea of being part of EMC 2011. I hope they remember, because I'm in for next year without any doubt. I can't wait to see the other videos soon. See you and thanks again!
Luis Espino, over 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Thank you Louis, you had a vision and a dream and turned it into a quality experience for us all. I can totally relate to Paul Daniels getting you started as he did with me very late in my life of 19 years of age. I wish i had discovered Magic before that age. EMC was a great experience and a big thank you goes out to all 33 speakers who worked for free and to support a passion and belief of EMC future potential. Many great talks and performances stood out from the rest, I loved the theory and history talks and demostrations from Apollo and oustanding talks from Stan Allen, Mike Cavery, Eric Mead and Britland. For skill and entertainment the likes of Ponta, Guy H, Louis, Lenart, Cyril and the relaxed and skilled manner of Max Maven. All 33 of you came into our lives for 3 days of tip top lectures, friendship, teachers and mentors. I did not want it to end and wish the most interesting talks went on longer and I hope i am well enough and here to see EMC for a second time next year, who knows??? Anyway in conclusion it was a class act all the way and a new vision became a stimulating experience for those who watched all 3 days and listened to every word and see every ounce of skill offered by some of the finest magicians in the world.

Thanks again Louis and all his friends, you lit up my life with 3 days of pure Magic and knowledge. All the very best to you all and hope the EMC site and DVDs deliver a few more extra hidden gems we can learn for from.

Kind regards,
Gary Bryson, over 8 years ago
Ray_disk_avatarthumb You did not meet my expectations at all. You EXCEEDED them beyond words! I watched EMC with my laptop plugged into my 47 inch digital TV and was just amazed at the quality of everything I saw.. I have known Max Maven and Apollo Robbins for some time from my trips to Las Vegas, but it was a pleasure to see so many international talents.
Ray H Thompson, over 8 years ago
20110820-nnm2m7q6uba4k8f1ds7h6itwqxthumb Thank you for brining us such a great event. I loved the presentations, enjoyed the chat room and made some new friends. Well done!
Aaron Jones, over 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb This was an absolute delight! I'm amazed at how smoothly everything went over the three days considering the myriad ways the Internet Gods can toy with even the best-laid plans. Kudos to everyone in front of and behind the cameras. This truly was a moment of magic history, and I'm very pleased to have been a witness to it. I'm definitely looking forward to EMC 2011. Once again, my deepest thanks for a truly incredible and magical event.
Edmund L. Kowalski, over 8 years ago
Bb2thumb Thank you and all the staff who made this event possible! All your PASSION and DEDICATION could be sensed even from another side of earth. I'll share this extraordinary experience with my local friends, hoping that next time they'll join the event together despite the language barrier., over 8 years ago
Emcthumb Thanks for making this event happen. It has been a very fruitful adventure to be learning, discussing and talking about this beautiful art. It is definitely essential for anyone who performs and many of the views and the content of the conference is well way worth what we are paying.

For that I express my heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers for sharing their views,
for all the wonderful performances that gives great insights,
and finally for the great all rounded experience from this event.

It has truly been more than a blessing to have attended this,
and I will definitely be back every year, to share, learn and discover.
Reuben Wong, over 8 years ago
0327thumb A wonderful conference to be sure! It sure would be nice to have instructions for viewing the uploaded videos of the sessions we missed. You mention it in the newsletter but never say how to get them.
Arthur Martello, over 8 years ago
Mkthumb Kia ora tatou,

Thanks so much for a great conference. Learnt a lot from the sessions I was able to watch live, and look forward to watching the on-demand sessions, too. Also gleaned a lot of information from the other attendees, so the sense of community was there.

EMC 2011 is already in my calendar...

Hei konā mai,

Mike Kmiec, over 8 years ago
Jb-glacierthumb I had a great time watching the parts I had time in my schedule to watch. Thanks to all! I was wondering if there was any count of people who, like me, were there virtually rather than physically.

Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown, over 8 years ago
0226081542thumb I put off signing up for this till yesterday. I'm very glad I didn't wait any longer! It would have been nice to have seen this live but, what I have viewed already has proven to be well worth every sent of the $75.00. I would highly recommend this to any serious student of our art.
Randy Sager, over 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb I got the DVD! yay:)
Many many many thanks to all of the staffs who made this event come true.
I am looking forward to attend EMC 2011. I hope there is one held this year.

K.Ariyasu, almost 8 years ago
Taus01thumb I've received the DVD set.

Looks good and I'm enjoying it!!

Now I'm waiting for this year's EMC :)

Carlos Silva
Carlos Miguel Mendes da Silva, almost 8 years ago
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