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We continue to receive wonderful feedback on our Passion for Magic series of videos. If you haven’t checked them out please do so here. Some videos are for members only but many others can be viewed whether or not you have registered for the conference. Consider them a hint of things to come.

You can also add your comments to the videos as many members have already done.

The videos cover almost every aspect of magic, from what it takes to start a magic magazine to working mentalism, close up and illusions. Tips on business, psychology and agents. Insights into history, becoming a professional, practice, rehearsal, lighting, creativity and audience rapport.

We have posted 19 videos to date and there are more to come. Visit the video page and find our what Jeff McBride, Apollo Robbins, Bill Herz, Marco Tempest, David Yamner, Jules Fisher, Asi Wind, Steven Cohen, Bill Kalush and many others have to say about our craft.

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