Spirit of Magic Competition

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Time for another competition. And this time we want you to be creative.

We have all seen photographs that conjure up the spirit of magic. It might be a photograph of an amazing performer in a show. Think of the wonderful photography of Irving Desfor. It might be a photograph of an audience entranced by magic. Or it might be something even more unusual, a deck of cards, a top hat, a wand or some other symbol of magic found in a desert, a beach, a forest, a sunset.

We want a photograph from you that conjures up the spirit, passion or mystery of magic. All we ask is that it is your own work.

It can be a snapshot. A carefully staged tableaux. An abstract piece of expressionism. But it must be yours.

Murphys Magic Supplies, one of our partners, has sponsored the competition and have donated not one but three great prizes.

First Prize: The first prize is the Paul Harris True Astonishment DVD set. This 9 DVD set has had rave reviews for its extraordinary collection of innovative magic created and performed by some of the finest close-up workers in the US. The discs are packed with superb effects and a series of commentaries and interviews from Paul Harris. The set is presented inside a beautiful wooden box. Retail price $300.

Second Prize: The second prize is the Stars of Magic DVD series. Another incredible DVD set, featuring performances and explanations by some of the world’s top close-up magicians. Including Paul Harris, Frank Garcia, Derek Dingle, Bernard Bilis, Eric De Camps and David Roth. Over 17 hours of magic! Retail price $150.

Third Prize: Third prize is the Switch Book. This is the definitive book on the classic $100 bill switch. It details over 60 complete routines, moves and sleights. There are visual transformations, instantaneous changes, multiple switches, palm up changes and more. All contributed by leading magicians around the world, including Gaetan Bloom, Robert E Neale, Marc DeSouza, David Harkey, Jay Marshall, Gary Kurtz, Michael Weber and Vladimir Vladimirov. Retail price $50.

To enter the competition you must have registered for the Essential Magic Conference. The competition ends on the midnight 14th June. As long as you are registered for the Essential Magic Conference before the competition ends, you can enter.

So what are you waiting for? Send us your incredible photographs. You can send up to 3 different photographs. Hey, maybe you will win all three prizes! We will publish the best photographs in a future newsletter and on our website.

Email your photos to us at this address emcompetition@essentialmagicconference.com.

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