An incredible line up of talent!

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Today we can announce the last two Speakers who will be joining us at the Essential Magic Conference. They are Finn Jon and Carlos Vaquera.

Finn Jon is surely one of the most creative people in magic. His professional act is spellbinding. His floating ball routine unsurpassed for sheer elegance. His animated snake-tie routine so original and mystifying.

He has a long list of incredible inventions to his name: Esoteric, Floating Silver Stick, Bolt of Lightning, Multiplying Tennis Balls, Roughing Stick, Perfect Vanish. This is the magician who discovered Elastic Invisible Thread and pioneered Thread Loops. Finn knows more about thread work than anyone. We are really happy that he can join us for the conference. Get ready for some truly astonishing magic.

Carlos Vaquera is one of the most charming and charismatic magicians in the world. His film star looks are only one of the many qualities that have made him one of Europe’s top performers. He has won many awards for his skills at close up and card magic. He combines beautiful presentation with faultless technique. Trained in mime and comedy his work is diverse, even extending to mind bending mentalism for which he is becoming increasingly famous. It is always a pleasure to watch magic performed with grace and charm. Join us at the Essential Magic Conference and enjoy the stylish magic of the wonderful Carlos Vaquera.

What an incredible line up of talent we have. 33 of the world’s top magicians. All lecturing and performing at Studio33 in Ansiao, Portugal. And you have a front row seat. Don’t miss it!

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