EMC in 60 seconds

An introduction to the Essential Magic Conference in 60 seconds.

Apollo Robbins - The Gentleman Thief

Apollo Robbins combines sleight of hand, pick-pocketing a...

Steve Cohen - Making a Vision come true

Steve Cohen is the presenter of the exclusive Chamber Mag...

Lance Burton - Master Magician

Lance Burton is one of the world’s most famous magicians....


Early Bird Registration Available Now!

The Essential Magic Conference is back. Join us on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July for the third and final event in the Esse... Read more

Copperfield joins EMC

  We are very happy to announce that David Copperfield will be joining us via live video link from Las Vegas and gi... Read more

A message from Stan Allen

Traveling halfway around the world last summer to take part in an Internet convention seemed a bit silly, but I couldn’t resist.... Read more

EMC | Paradise Found?

  Jon Racherbaumer in his article Paradise Found? in Magic magazine wrote: ‘It was an experiment worth doing, a game wo... Read more


Marco Tempest (United States)
Marco Tempest's masterful blend of digital media and magic has enabled audiences to glimpse the future before technology gets there. His imaginative combination of magic and computer-generated imagery is unequalled within the performing arts.

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The Essential Magic Conference is the world’s first web conference for magicians. 33 speakers over 3 days of conference streamed live worldwide. Register to attend today - access passes are limited. The cost of registering for the conference is US $99 / EUR €75.

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